About Naomi

Hey! I'm Naomi

I write well-researched, compelling emails, sales pages & blog posts your ideal audience will love. I also craft marketing strategy that feels good (i.e. not icky and salesy!) and will help you grow your business.

I love getting to know new people. I studied Modern Languages at the University of London because I figured the more languages I speak, the more people I can talk to (some would say I can talk for Britain!). 

This is why I love what I do. Part of being a copywriter and helping business owners connect with their ideal audience involves me getting to know you really well, understanding who you want to serve, and why.

Customer research is a crucial part of how I work, because it helps me find the best words and messages that will help you connect with and build relationships with the people you most want to serve.

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Who I love to work with

I love working with people who genuinely want to help others in some way, whilst growing a business they love. Whether it’s selling them a beautiful product that they’ll get a lot of joy and value from, or a service that will help them live a better life. 

In the past I’ve worked with course creators, educators, coaches, travel companies, home decor, supplements and other small business owners who want to use email sequences, sales pages and blog content to get more clients or launch a new offer. 

If you’re like many of my past clients, you know you’re great at what you do and have something that will help others. So you want this to shine through in your emails, services pages and marketing content.

Many business owners don’t have the knowledge, the time or the will to put together and implement a marketing strategy. That’s where I come in!

I don’t specialise in a particular niche because I’m more interested in a business’s values and the difference they want to make in the world.

But I do have a personal interest in the following areas:

  • Human rights and equality (especially women’s, trans and refugee/displace people’s rights)
  • Personalised travel experiences
  • Plants, nature and wildlife
  • Life coaching, self-help and wellness
  • Online learning

The ECHO Method

This will help you build a strong connection with your ideal clients

I believe that we can build genuine human connection through ECHO:

Empathy, Compassion, Humour and Openness. 

When your copy echoes your readers’ values and joins the conversation that’s going on in their heads, they’ll see that you understand their problems and have the solutions they want and need.

This helps build trust. And people who trust you are more likely to buy from you.


I put myself in your clients’ shoes (and heads) to better understand what’s going on in their lives, how this is affecting them, and how your offer could make their lives better.

I do this by looking at customer testimonials, surveys, interviews, online comments and messages.

Your audience’s words show me the type of language, messaging and stories to use in your copy, so that it will ECHO the conversation going on in their heads and helps nurture a positive relationship with them.


Your emails, sales pages and marketing content will show your ideal clients that you genuinely care.

I won’t suggest pushy sales tactics that feel unethical to you and might lead people to panic-buy (and later ask for a refund).

But I will use gentle persuasion, well-researched messaging and stories that resonate with your ideal clients. They’ll easily see what you’re offering and why this is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

And you’ll trust that your ideal clients will know when the time’s right to invest.


Humour can bring relief to even the most painful situations (I know this from experience). It also makes life, work and communication more enjoyable.

So in your copy, we won’t be poking at your audience’s pain and reminding them of all their problems the whole time.

We’ll educate them by sharing great tips and entertain them with interesting stories and funny anecdotes. Because we want people to smile when they see your name pop up in their inbox!


Your copy will speak to people in a genuine and compelling way, sharing your own stories and explaining how you were inspired you to build your business so you can help others like you.

People will be clear about what they get when they work with or buy from you. Your openness with them will build trust. And people are more likely to buy from businesses they trust.

I’ll also be open with you about the strategies that I think will work well for your business.

Marketing isn't about pushing for sales

For me, marketing involves getting inside the heads of the people you want to help, telling stories that stay with them, and showing up to your audience in a way that captures their hearts (and their attention).

It’s also about connecting with your ideal clients and showing them through your website and emails that you genuinely want to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals and desires.

When people enjoy reading your copy and look forward to seeing your name in their inbox, they’ll WANT to buy what you offer them.

Selling to your audience feels good (and more natural) when your audience already likes you and your content.

You won’t be bothering your ideal clients – they’ll most likely be waiting for you to offer them something they can buy that will bring value and/or joy to their lives!

What 8+ years as a professional writer has taught me

The most effective messaging speaks to your ideal clients in a clear, compelling and compassionate way about their struggles, hopes and dreams. It makes people feel seen and heard, and excited to buy from you. 

I’m here to help you convey the greatness of what you’re offering to your audience through great copywriting, so you can:

  • Help more people who need what you offer
  • Bring more money into the business you love
  • Make whatever impact you want in your life, your loved ones’ lives, and the world.

I’ve been trained by Copyhackers (the best in the biz!)

Copyhackers 10x Launches copywriting certificate
Copyhackers 10x email copywriting certificate
copyhackers 10x landing pages certified copywriter
Facebook Ads certificate of completion

Let's find out if we're a good fit

I always look forward to my client calls and get on well with all my clients. That’s because from our first call (before any contracts were signed), we had a great connection and knew that working together felt right.

If you’d like to tell me about your business and your current goals, click the button below and send me a quick email so we can schedule a call.

I’d love to have a chat, find out whether I can help and even give you a few ideas to take away from the call (I can’t resist sharing a good idea!).

Click the button below to complete a form telling me a bit about your upcoming projects and business goals, and then we can schedule a call.