Copywriting that captures your clients' hearts

As a coach or course creator, it’s not that you don’t know how to write. You’re just not sure if your words will capture people’s hearts and imaginations and make them buy from you.

At this point, you’re tired of trying and guessing (and writing is time-consuming work!). You just want to focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

You need a copywriter who knows how to write research-based copy that sounds like you for your sales pages, websites, marketing emails, landing pages and social media accounts.

Copy that converts.

Sound good? In that case…

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What you need

Sales pages that show you understand your ideal clients’ biggest pain points, through stories that resonate. They’ll see a better version of themselves that they can totally be with your help. Then they’ll buy.

Marketing emails and newsletters that people actually open. The irresistible email subjects and entertaining content will have your readers looking for your name in their inbox.

Landing pages that connect with your ideal clients and show you understand their specific needs and desires, and coach them to take action.

Social media posts that make people stop scrolling and pay attention, before they like, comment, follow and share your inspiring content. 

Blog posts that are informative, inspiring, and optimised for Google and Pinterest to bring more visitors to your website. We’ll show that you’re an expert in your field.

Why you’ll hire me

(HINT: I’ll help you grow your client list)

You’re not looking for boring, generic copy that tries to speak to everyone (and ends up resonating with no-one).

Great! Because before I write a single word of copy, I carry out customer research and study your voice. So I know exactly who I’m writing to, what to write AND how to write it.

You’ll hire me because:

  • Your priority is to connect and work with more clients, so you need inspiring content for your website, emails & social media posts. I’ll write research-based content that speaks to people in your voice.
  • You know who your ideal client is, or you’re willing to explore this. Because you need messages that speak to your target audience's dreams, desires & pain points.
  • You need a writer with exceptional attention to detail to step in and take on your voice. I’ll connect with your audience so they feel like you’re talking with them one-on-one.
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How we'll work together


We’ll collaborate and work hard together to achieve your business goals. Because you know your business and your target audience. And I know how to find the words that’ll attract your ideal clients. 


You can get hold of me on Skype, Zoom, or email whenever you want to catch up, discuss new ideas or talk strategy. I’ll give you my honest opinion. You’ll have the final say.

Content sharing

You’ll have access to all content and project files on Google Drive. And when I have something to share, I’ll send you a direct link so you won’t waste any time trying to find it.

If this is YOU, we’ll make
the perfect team

  • You’re driven by a genuine desire to help others, and you believe your offering will change your customers’ lives for the better.
  • You’re ready to help me get to know your ideal client just as well as you do (or you’re keen to explore this topic together if you need guidance).
  • You know that not everyone will be a fan of you and your offering, and you're fine with that. Your priority is to connect with your *ideal* clients.

If that’s a perfect 3/3, we should definitely do a lil dance… and then get down to business! 

Let’s talk about how I can help you connect with your ideal clients! 


I use Naomi as a copyeditor and she’s brilliant! She has an excellent understanding of conversion copywriting and customer research, so when I hand my copy over to her, I get a highly competent second opinion AND error-free copy delivered at the same time.


My copy is always 10x better when I’ve swung it by Naomi. I’m often complimented on the pieces where she has helped me nail the messaging and idioms. I recommend her to clients all the time when I’m fully booked.

Camilla Groen
Copywriting Mentor

Naomi was fantastic to work with. She’s smart, professional, works efficiently, and communicates well – and she was able to provide invaluable expertise as a linguist and copyeditor.


She was thorough in her approach and exceeded my expectations in virtually every regard. She was also always flexible when it came to the considerable time difference between us, which is ideal when working remotely or as a freelancer. And she’s friendly to boot.

Cate Smithson
Director of Content, Localeur

The writer behind the words

Hey! I’m Naomi, a Londoner through-and-through, citizen of the world, and currently based in beautiful Barcelona. I’m a copywriter, content writer, blogger, copyeditor, published author, linguist, singer, and Queen of the Bad Jokes. I’m also a cat-lover and eat chocolate at least once a day.

I write content and sales copy for entrepreneurs and small business owners that genuinely want to make the world a better place. I love connecting people with their fans and ideal clients through content that showcases their expertise and their personality.

If you’re looking for a writer who you can rely on to help you grow your client list, I’m your gal!

Click here to schedule a free 20-30 minute discovery call. I’d love to learn more about you and your business.