My Services

Automated Email Sequences

Prices start from $1500 USD

You probably know that writing regular newsletters to your list is an important part of marketing your business. Nurturing your audience helps them get to know you and learn more about your products and services. It also helps keep you front-of-mind when they need what you’re offering. 

Plus, the more your audience gets to know you, the more they’ll trust you, and the more likely they are to buy from you 🙂

Coming up with ideas for your newsletters and marketing emails and then sitting down to write them can feel like a chore. Especially when you’d rather be doing what you love: whether that’s creating new products or spending time working with clients. 

I can take care of writing and scheduling your newsletter, so you have more time for the things you love doing.

Quick & Simple Copy Audits

When you want some expert pointers on improving the copy you already have. Prices start from $100 USD

You might already be sending emails to your list fairly regularly, but not be getting the open-rate or click-through rate you’d like. 

Or you might have a Welcome email sequence that isn’t performing as well as you’d like.

In this case, it can help to have a second pair of eyes on your copy.

As an experienced copywriter, I’ll suggest edits to your emails that should help increase your open-rates and boost your click-through rates and sales.

Or if I think your copy needs a complete overhaul, I’ll say so and explain why.

I offer video reviews, where I send you a screen recording and commentary as I go through your copy and suggest improvements. You can choose to add on a detailed written summary of my recommendations, if you’d like something you can easily refer back to.

And if you hire me for a project following the audit, I’ll deduct the cost of the audit from the project fee.